Dear Colleague,

You may be aware that a survey of expert opinions concerning the future of speech technology was conducted at the IEEE ASRU workshops in 1997, 2003 and 2009 [ref]. This has been a very useful vehicle for gauging progress in our field. Another six years have passed, so it’s time to repeat the survey a fourth time.

The principle is very straightforward; the survey consists of a number of 'statements' (e.g. "More than 50% of new PCs have dictation on them.") and you are invited to suggest the year in which they might become true.

The survey is anonymous, but you have the opportunity to identify yourself should you so wish.

If you are interested in participating, then please click on the following link ...

We would appreciate a response by *** Friday 15 January 2016 ***, and we anticipate making the results available on the ASRU web site at a later date.

Thank you for your time.

Prof. Roger K. Moore

Dr. Ricard Marxer

Speech and Hearing Research Group (SPandH), University of Sheffield, UK

[ref] Moore, R. K. (2011). Progress and prospects for speech technology: Results from three sexennial surveys. INTERSPEECH. Florence, Italy.